Airport & Arrival Information


The airport “El Prat de Llobregat” is located 12 km southwest of the city. It takes approximately 20-25 minutes by car to the city centre. There is a free bus shuttle between the two terminals T1 and T2.

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Alternatively, Barcelona can be reached by train or intercity bus from neighbouring countries like France or Portugal. For further information, please check with your national railway provider.

Public Transport

Public transportation is by far the easiest way to get around the city. The Barcelona subways, buses and trams are quick, cheap and all-around excellent. One can either buy a single trip ticket (75min) for € 4,20 or a T10 ticket (10 rides) for € 10,20 which can both be used for any transportation within the city. Alternatively, there is the Hola Barcelona Travel Card for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days which can be used for transportation and other travel operators.

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Taxi service is everywhere in the city. However, on weekend nights the waiting time might be long.

Airport Bus

The Aerobus takes you every 5-10 minutes from the airport to the city centre (e.g. Plaça d’Espanya or Plaça de Catalunya) in about 20-30 minutes. The bus stops at both terminals, line A1 at terminal T1 and line A2 at terminal T2. Both buses stop at the same stops in the city. One-way tickets cost you € 5,90, return- tickets € 10,20. You can buy a ticket on the bus itself.

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The Metro line L9 connects the airport (both terminals) with Barcelona city. It takes about 30 minutes and leaves every 7 minutes. One cannot use the standard metro ticket but instead needs an Airport Ticket for € 4,60.

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The train R2 Nord departs every 30 min at terminal T2 (from terminal T1, first take the free shuttle bus). It stops in the city at Barcelona Sants, Passeig de Gràcia, and El Clot where you can change to the metro or city buses. One can use the normal public transportation tickets without any surcharge, which can be bought at the entrance of the RENFE gate at the airport.

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To take a taxi into the city, please look for the signs for the nearest taxi stand when leaving the arrival halls. An average journey by taxi from the Barcelona Airport to downtown takes about 20-30 minutes and costs around € 29,00.

Possible taxi numbers are:
Ràdio Taxi: +34 933 033 033
Servi Taxi: +34 933 300 300
Fono Taxi: +34 933 001 100
Radio Taxi Maramar: +34 934 331 020


Barcelona can be reached by several main roads from France and Spain and traffic is usually relatively light outside of peak hours. Parking, on the other hand, is quite difficult and it is recommended to either park the car a few metro stops from the centre of the city or find a car park. Alternatively, the hotel might also have a private car park

Location and prices of the public car parks can be found here: