Welcome Words by the Chair of the Technologist Committee

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On behalf of the EANM Technologist Committee I kindly invite you to join us at the 32nd Annual Congress of the EANM that will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from October 12-16, 2019.


A vast number of professionals from the whole world will come together in this unique event, making from this a great opportunity to share knowledge, experience and strengthen bonds. A full programme aimed for Technologist’s will be provided, focusing on topics that are of great relevance for the practice on nuclear medicine field, in which the development of science and technology has been great. From preclinical studies to theranostics, without neglecting the importance of patient communication in the practice of the Nuclear Medicine Technologist, many will be the topics addressed during the Congress.

These topics, as it has been in the previous years, will be addressed in seven sessions of Continuous Technologist Education (CTE) and three mini-courses (MC) that will count with specialists of each topic to bring their expertise and knowledge to share with each participant. There will be place for debating and active participation, by the creation of special interactive sessions.

Furthermore, a joint session with the Neuroimaging Committee from the EANM will take place during the congress, aiming for artifacts and pitfalls in brain imaging.

Additionally, as a reflection of the international outreach of the Technologist Committee, sessions will be held with the participation of representatives from our American colleagues of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging – Technologist Section (SNMMI-TS), as well as with the participation of representatives from the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) and Australian and New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine – Technologist Special Interest Group (ANZSNM-T). Since the EANM Annual Congress is a great opportunity to share original reasearch and clinical works, due to its visibility and number of attendees, the EANM-TC will be accepting abstracts from nuclear medicine technologists (NMT) and related clinical scientists. To give space to the participants to present the result of their work, three oral presentation sessions and four e-poster presentations will take place during the congress.

Following last years tendencies, we expect these moments to be of great quality and a useful tool to promote and share each other’s work. As an additional motivating factor, an award will be given to the best two Oral presentations as well as the best two e-Poster Session presentations. The EANM Office will be receiving abstracts until April 25, 2019.

Finally, we would like to share that the annual Technologist Interest Meeting will be held during Barcelona’19 Congress. All NMT and clinical scientists who are interested in the current endeavours of the EANM-TC are invited to join this meeting. We look forward to welcoming you to the EANM’19 Congress in Barcelona, Spain.


With my best regards,
Andrea Santos
Chair, EANM Technologist Committee