EANM Young Daily Forum

The EANM Young Daily Forum is the ideal platform for all young talents attending the EANM congress – and those young at heart! It consists of a series of interactive lunch-time sessions open to all participants, particularly those who are at the beginning of their career.

Each 1.5 hours’ time slot (Sunday-Tuesday, 13:00-14:30) will focus on a different topic, moderated in an interactive way by the professional facilitator Roy Sheppard. Participants will not only benefit from Roy’s vast experience as moderator and speaker, but will also have the opportunity to get to know new people in a relaxed atmosphere. Participation is free for everyone registered to the EANM Annual Congress.



Sunday, October 13, 13:00 – 14:30
How to Meet More Great People at the EANM Congress

Attending the EANM congress is not only about learning from world-class thought-leaders. It also provides brilliant opportunities to meet and connect with high-calibre professionals. Those connections have the power to help your future career. (And for you to help the careers of others). But how do you start meaningful conversations with strangers, especially if you tend to be a quiet or shy person?

This highly entertaining session is always well attended because Roy shares so many practical ideas and techniques to help you meet lots of new people in professional and respectful ways.



Monday, October 14, 13:00 – 14:30
Presentation Skills for Medical Professionals

Standing up in front of an audience fills most people with fear and anxiety. That’s quite normal. However, an ability to clearly present your ideas and research is possibly the single biggest non-medical skill you can develop to further your career.

Roy has coached tens of thousands of medical professionals to give more impactful, effective and engaging presentations. He will explain every stage of presentation planning and structure. And, based on his 40 years’ presenting experience, will share priceless tips on how to deliver more relevant and engaging talks that help your audiences become better informed about your important work.



Tuesday, October 15, 13:00 – 14:30
Be Stronger – Managing Work Stress and Building Your Resilience

You love your work. Yet workloads continue to increase, the daily pressure keeps intensifying. How do you currently cope with work stress? In this workshop, Roy will show you how to build resilience and an inner strength to help you thrive during these challenging times. This session is practical, thought-provoking and inspiring.